In the event of the school closing, it would be beneficial to continue assisting your child during the school term with their learning. This may take many different forms depending on their age and the family situation. Parents are encouraged to assist with supporting their child by practising literacy and numeracy skills that will benefit their overall learning.

Home reading is strongly encouraged to continue. All students have been sent home with additional reading resources from the school library.

Every Day Tasks:


  • Read for 20 minutes – fill in a reading response of between half to a full page with Title and time read
  • Complete comprehension activity sheet


  • Practise handwriting – 1 page per day
  • Grammar activity
  • Writing as outlined below
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Discuss the structure of the genre.   Brainstorm ideas and plan the writing using an attached  template. Begin writing first draft. Complete writing started on Tuesday. Edit the completed draft. The idea of editing is to improve the piece by adding describing words, punctuation, checking for meaning and if it makes sense. Please use the attached editing sheet. Complete a good copy.     *All work is to be submitted, ie plan, draft and good copy.


  • Either a times tables, speedy number facts of mental maths sheet everyday
  • Daily maths sheet or activity to be put into your weekly learning pack
  • Practise times tables


Each day choose and different activity to complete

  • physical activity
  • cooking
  • create an invention
  • do some gardening
  • play a board game or a card game
  • design and make a board game or card game
  • research an animal, country, special interest
  • make a cubby
  • Create an art work – painting, drawing, sculpture, collage


  • Share with a family member three things that have gone well for you today

• Do a random Act of Kindness (empty the dishwasher, give someone a compliment),

Helpful Websites


• Literacy websites –

• View “Behind the News”

• Kidsnews:

• Sunshine online-

  • Udemy


• StudyLadder Tasks that are set by the teacher.

• Cool Maths Games Free games covering all concepts

• Mathletics:

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Classroom Teacher email: